Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)


Azilee and I was fortunate enough to mentored under Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. Dave Tiberio two world renowned physical therapists. Between their continuing education courses and their fellowship program it helped me emerge as the healthcare worker I always wished to become.

Using specific Principles, Strategies and Techniques of Applied Functional Science, we have gained understanding of our bodies chain reaction biomechanics. This appreciation allows me to be a specialists in the areas of assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. we have the ability and proficiency in developing and discussing a strategic plan of action employing all forms of movement, dimensions, loads and subtle cues to help create more ease of movement. our expertise and confidence is in implementing and managing all  functional techniques of assessment, rehabilitation, training and conditioning, performance, and prevention care. 

Functional Manual Reaction(FMR) is the certification that a FAFS can receive. Its the utilization of authentic, functional drivers integrated with the skilled practitioner’s hands. Authentic, functional drivers (including gravity, ground reaction, momentum, eyes, hands, feet, pelvis, and proprioceptors) are complemented by the practitioner’s hands effectively assessing and facilitating movement. Application of hands to bone segments in order to facilitate an optimal sequence of motion during a movement. Addition to eliminating identified movement restrictions, it can also be utilized to restore the proper sequencing of bone movements that is essential to effective and efficient task execution.

It is used during the clinical tasks of movement assessment, functional training, and rehabilitation. It can complement all aspects of movement analysis. A technique used during active movements Re-educating the body how to move properly.