Upcoming Events

Structural Algorithms with John deMahy
Fri, May 15
Chain Reaction Therapy
May 15, 8:00 AM – May 17, 5:00 PM
Chain Reaction Therapy, 841 Turquoise St suite e, San Diego, CA 92109, USA
John deMahy will be teaching a 3 day course on his Structural Algorithms which was developed by consolidating osteopathic technique with the theories and principles of Structural Integration. For more info: www.structuralalgorithms.com
Zac Cupples Human Matrix: The Code for Maximal Health and Performance
Sat, Nov 21
Chain Reaction Therapy
Nov 21, 9:30 AM – Nov 22, 5:00 PM
Chain Reaction Therapy, 841 Turquoise Street, San Diego, CA, USA
A course where you will develop a thorough understanding of how to systemically view movement, speed up your warmup time by choosing exercises that precisely attack movement limitations, and coach exercises to perfection to enhance your client and patient goals.
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