Chain Reaction Therapy was formed in 2016. Azilee and Loren were looking for a location that they could provide all their services to their clients under one roof. Our hope is to provide our San Diego community with the best experience possible in order to help everyone attain their goals successfully.  

We are helping people make healthy lifestyle changes by providing effective and affordable fitness training which can be paired with our manual therapy that are both personalized and comprehensive, while at the same time fostering a fun and supportive group dynamic designed to make health and fitness the best part of your day, everyday.

We pride ourselves on delivering science-based, effective training sessions that are appropriately challenging and fulfilling. Improved fitness doesn't require stepping outside comfort zones, so we design programs that meet you where you are so that you can improve to become better. We believe in sustainable training solutions—not quick-fixes—because we’ve learned that the journey is a marathon, not a sprint when creating lasting changes. 

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